Comparison Analysis

Protocol Access vs Pay Per Click

1 to 1 IP Targeting

-Able to target at the individual household IP level.
-IP targeting to insure quality, only match household to IP with very high confidence.
-One ad to hit your target

Passive Targeting

-Relies on user doing a search using related keywords
-You then have to have a successful bid on the keywords with a good price and quality score; user has to click on your ad; and then follow through for a lead

100% Cookie Free

-No cookie use vastly reduces the threat of content being seen by non-human traffic, -No cookies means ads not blocked

Ad Fraud?

–Ad fraud and people learning how to game the system have increased
-Traffic arbitrage and click farms mean non-humans see your ads

Control and Offline Data

-Start with any list, internal or external, discover demographics/ preferences with little guessing
-Control daily frequency, day parts, length of campaign and any date range in database

No Control-Need Attention

-All these impact successful bid for click and need constant attention: price; quality score (impacted by success of your bids, use of negative words); relevance of your ad
– Google avoids errors in landing pages

Match-back Analysis

-Quantifies a tangible and accurate ROI by cross-referencing the target list with sales records. All without the use of UTM codes, conversion pixels or retargeting

Difficult to Quantify Results

-Performance is measured by CTR not conversion to sales
-Difficult to quantify that PPC is more successful increasing sales than any other Internet advertising medium