College and Universities

Sample Campaign

  1.  Take a list of 5000 unsold leads with addresses, going from three to nine months back in the database, using any lead source.
  2. Run through Protocol Access process and have say 2200 matched IP addresses.
  3. 30 day campaign, drop 40 impressions per matched IP address = 88000 impression campaign.
  4. All banner ads are seen…no cookies…so not blocked…every viewer is a possible buyer!
  5. You control day parts, daily frequency and choice of banner, animated or video ad.
  6. You need banner ads and landing page…we help in the creative process.
  7. We perform match-back analysis at end of campaign to compare effectiveness of the list receiving banner ads compared to the non-matched, no ad list.

Actual Case Study Results

  1. Multi-campus client, list of 2500 matched IP addresses and 2500 not matched so no banner ads, going back nine months in the database
    • A member of the list receiving Protocol Access treatment with banner ads was four times more likely to enroll than a member of the no-ad list.
    • Start cost was significantly under $1000.
  2. Multi-campus client, list of 10500 matched IP addresses and 13500 not matched, going back two years in the database.
    • A member of the list receiving Protocol Access treatment was three times more likely to enroll.
    • Cost per enrollment was under $600.

Protocol Access More Effective Than Retargeting!