Why Choose Protocol Access

  1. Use of offline data instead of online data minimizes the risk of ad fraud and non-human bots viewing your ads.
  2. Unlike retargeting and geo sensing, cookies are not used so ads will not be blocked. Reuters 2015 Digital Advertising Survey found 47% of Americans use ad blocking software to block ads using cookies. Retargeting and geo sensing ads can be blocked
  3. Direct one to one targeting means no wasted ads…every viewer is a potential buyer.
  4. Start with any list that has last name, street address and zip and about half will be matched to a home or business IP address at that physical street address.
  5. About half matched and receiving ads and about half no match-no ad leads to A/B testing as a first step toward quantifying results.
  6. Once IP address is matched a privacy ID is assigned so it is secure. You can then place banner ads, unblocked, directly on the home or business computer. The wireless router is also discovered. Any smart phone logged in at home will see ads.
  7. Use any lead source in your database, unlike retargeting that uses only visitors to your website or Pay Per Click or geo sensing that are passive in their targeting
  8. Use banner ads, animated banner ads or video ads in your campaign
  9. Ads are IP address specific, not site specific so no more guessing about what sites the prospective student will visit. Over one million sites are available.
  10. You control the parameters of the campaign: day parts; daily frequency; duration
  11. Contact Direct Marketing assists at every step of the campaign:
    • List choice
    • Ad and landing page creative
    • Parameters
  12. Quantify results…we perform a match-back analysis at the end of a campaign, matching sales data to the ad list or the no match-no ad list and compute ROI

Protocol Access More Effective Than Retargeting!