Comparison Analysis

Protocol Access vs Geo Sensing

1 to 1 IP Targeting

-Able to target at the individual household IP level.
-IP targeting to insure quality, only match household to IP with very high confidence.
-One ad to hit your target

Targets in clusters (zones)

-Targets 4, 8 or 12 households around your one targeted home.
-You then must place 4, 8 or 12 ads to
hit your one targeted home

100% Cookie Free

-No cookie use vastly reduces the threat of content being seen by non-human traffic, -No cookies means ads not blocked

Cookie-Free Privacy

-This is a vague marketing term most commonly meaning that they do not upload cookies. However, they match IP address to historical cookie data.

Use of Offline Data

-Able to use factual data to know the audiences demographics and preferences.
-Reduces the risk of ads being seen by non-human traffic.

Use of Online Data

-Uses cookies to guess the persons demographics and preferences.
-Anytime online data is used,
you have a very large chance of ads being seen by non-human traffic.

Match-back Analysis

-Quantifies a tangible and accurate ROI by cross-referencing the target list with sales records. All without the use of UTM codes, conversion pixels, retargeting, or call tracking.

SVA Report

-Performance is measured by CTR and/or conversion pixels.
-Can only be linked to online sales, incomplete sales attribution.