Targeting General Public Within a Geographic Area

Discover Home and Business IP Addresses in a Geographic Area

An area within X miles of your business location:

  1. To generate new business
  2. To announce a grand opening of a new location
  3. To announce an event or contest
  4. To announce a discount or coupon

An area drawn on Google maps:

  1. New construction areas in your town if you sell furniture or water softening equipment, for example
  2. A potentially new sales territory to gauge response or to have surveys completed

Convention Centers and Hotels

  1. You may need someone on ground to ping our tech group if it is not already in our database, but when pinged we can discover IP addresses at convention centers and hotels
  2. Conventions – Run at convention center and registered hotels for the event
    • As a vendor, if you get attendee list pre-convention, can run list for matches and run a teaser campaign or “See us at booth 235.”
    • Can run during event so when attendees access the wireless with their smart phones or computers at the event your ad can direct them to your booth, landing page or web site

How To Run a Campaign

How to run a campaign:

  1. All the home and business IP addresses in the areas are discovered…you indicate which type or both do you want for your campaign,
  2. We work with you:
    • To assemble budget and campaign with appropriate number of impressions
    • On campaign parameters like
      1. Time of impressions like early morning 100% at hotels; during hours of convention, maybe 80% convention, 20% hotel; after convention 100% hotel
      2. Daily start and stop time for campaign
      3. Percentage of total impressions for each location, like convention center 65%; hotels 35%
    • On creative for banner ads and landing pages
  3. You need to provide banner ads and landing page
  4. At end of campaign we perform a match-back analysis to quantify effectiveness based on requests for additional information (leads) or registrations at your booth, and/or actual sales whichever is appropriate.

Protocol Access More Effective Than Retargeting!