Service Industries

Sample Campaign

  1. Winning back former customers for a massage company…say in a regional campaign there are 10000 former customers in the database and 4600 are matched in the Protocol Access process to a home IP address.
  2. In a 30 day campaign with 40 impressions per matched IP address = 184000 impressions
  3. Ad can be about special coupon
  4. All banner ads are seen…no cookies…so not blocked…every viewer is a possible buyer!
  5. You control day parts, daily frequency and choice of banner, animated or video ad
  6. You need banner ads and landing page…we help in the creative process
  7. We perform match-back analysis at end of campaign to compare effectiveness of the list receiving banner ads compared to the non-matched, no ad list.

Actual Case Study Results

National Massage Company Needed to Hire Therapists

  1. In a region with 40+ locations, a high percentage had vacancies for licensed therapists
  2. In a list with 11300 licensed therapists obtained from state agencies, all received post cards and 5000 were matched to a home IP address and also received Protocol Access banner ad treatment inviting them to an event to meet the company
  3. In a 12 day campaign with 20 impressions per match = 100000 total impressions
  4. The Protocol Access treated list of 5000 was 1/3 more likely to respond than the list of 6130 non-matches
  5. The year before, with all the same advertising except Protocol Access. 10 people showed for the meet the company event. This past year, with the Protocol Access treatment added, 110 people showed for the event.

Protocol Access More Effective Than Retargeting!