Non-Profits Fund Raising

Sample Campaign

  1. Compile list of all contributors going back three years and let’s say that is 2000000 at the national level and that 480000 match to a home IP address
  2. 30 day campaign, 40 impressions per matched IP address = 1920000 impressions for campaign
  3. All banner ads are seen…no cookies…so not blocked…every viewer is a possible buyer!
  4. You control day parts, daily frequency and choice of banner, animated or video ad
  5. You need banner ads and landing page…we help in the creative process
  6. We perform match-back analysis at end of campaign to compare effectiveness of the list receiving banner ads compared to the non-matched, no ad list.

Actual Case Study Results

  1. Annual fund raising project: 56% of list received direct mail and email and 44% of the list added the Protocol Access banner ad treatment
  2. The 44% banner ad list was three times more likely to contribute than the 56% list based on actual contributions
  3. An astounding 95% of all funds contributed came from the 44% banner ad treated list

Protocol Access More Effective Than Retargeting!