Automobile Dealers

Sample Campaign

  1. Use an internal and an external list each month. Internal from database can be owners of your brand car, model year three to five years old. External consumer lists, could be from state, owners of your competition’s cars, model years three to five years old.
  2. Say a list of 2500 from your database matches 1200 home IP addresses and the external list of 5000 matches 2200, for a total of 3400 matches.
  3. 30 day campaign with 40 impressions per match = 136000 impressions for the campaign
  4. The banner ad’s only purpose is to arouse curiosity to cause a click and landing page should be like a print ad for the dealership
  5. Landing page should have four methods of responding
  6. You control day parts, daily frequency and choice of banner, animated or video ad
  7. We perform match-back analysis at end of campaign to compare effectiveness of the list receiving banner ads compared to the non-matched, no ad list.

Actual Case Study Results

  1. Luxury auto dealer used internal and external lists, totaling 6000 matches and had a no-match/no-ad list of almost 8000.
    •  The Protocol Access list receiving banner ads was almost twice as likely to buy or lease a car as the list that received only direct mail and email advertising. (Actually 91%) based on actual car sales and leases
  2.  Weekend sale event, two locations, one city and one suburban. List of 20000 received post cards and 5000 or 25% of the list also received Protocol Access treatment
    • Every sale on the weekend came from the 25% PA treated list
    • Suburban location had their larges sale day of the year

Protocol Access More Effective Than Retargeting!