Assisted Living Facilities

Sample Campaign

  1. Important facts for a direct response campaign looking for residents not just a public relations campaign to visit for an event:
    • Average age of an assisted living resident in U.S. is 79
    •  78% of residents and their families started their search on the Internet
    • 79% of residents lived within 15 miles of the assisted living facility before they moved, in part because they lived close to their children and families before making the decision and they want to make it easy for their families to visit
  2. List can be a combination from database of inquiries going back 9 months plus buying a consumer within 15 miles of facility, ages 48 to 60 in the house with a household income of at least $85000.
  3. The age range is for children of 75 to 85 year olds and let’s say there are 7000 within 15 miles and 3200 match to a home IP address.
  4. The decision making process may be a little longer than some industries, so let say a six week campaign with 50 impressions per match for a total campaign of 160000 impressions
  5. All banner ads are seen…no cookies…so not blocked…every viewer is a possible buyer!
  6. You control day parts, daily frequency and choice of banner, animated or video ad
  7. You need banner ads and landing page…we help in the creative process
  8. We perform match-back analysis at end of campaign to compare effectiveness of the list receiving banner ads compared to the non-matched, no ad list.

Actual Case Study Results

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